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Steri-Wash Sterile Saline Piercing Spray is a sterilized sodium chloride solution used to clean debris from a piercing without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. It comes with a fine mist spray actuator to gently cleanse piercings.

Scalp Anti Shine

Head Care Formula for Balding Guys. Follicle is a Man’s Health and wellness company that helps guys take care of their heads by creating products designed specifically for bald and short hairstyles

Ice Pack

Small Ice Packs for your Permanent Make-up Services

Aftercare Tattoo Balm

Needing to moisturize your Permanent makeup tattoo? Aftercare balm will help with healing your fresh tattoo

Wonderland Lash Serum

Lash serums were created to help people grow longer, thicker, and more abundant lashes. They are easy to apply and, if used correctly, can work wonders for natural lash growth. Just like other hair on your body, lashes have a growth cycle in which they grow, hang on for a while, and then naturally shed off. The eyelash growth cycle consists of three phases: the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase. lash serum actually works by extending the telogen phase of the lash growth cycle. This helps the lash to hold on for a longer period of time. Since your lashes won’t be falling out as frequently with the help of lash serum, they will appear to look fuller and denser. If you are patient and diligent with the application, you should see results in a month or two, depending on the growth phase the majority of the lashes were in at the start of treatment. Lash serum is great for clients who are trying to bulk up their natural lashes to support a set of eyelash extensions and clients who are simply trying to improve their natural lashes.

Teddy Bear

DaddiTatty Teddy Bear $40.00

Graffiti T-shirt

Metal Font DaddiTatty t-shirts Email us for custom sizes $40.00

DaddiTatty T-shirt

DaddiTatty T-shirts Email us for custom sizes $40.00

DaddiTatty Hoodie

Metal Font DaddiTatty Hoodie Email us for custom sizes $60.00

Lash Shop Keratin Elixir

Lash Keratin Elixir

The Lash Shop

Lash and Brow Cleanser

Brows Soap

A safe product to clean your brows Handmade with Eucalyptus fragrance.

Foaming Lash Cleanser and brush

Lash pure cleanser is an absolute must for all lash extension wearers to maintain eye hygiene and health. A unique, ophthalmologist tested cleansing formula.

Hustle Butter

Tattoo Butter for Before, During, & After the Tattoo Process. CAN BE USE FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP – Lubricates & Moisturizes – 100% Vegan Replacement for Petroleum-Based Products. Tattoo aftercare.