Wonderland Micropigment
The Clinic that Brings Your Beauty to Life

With services specialized for women and men, our cosmetic clinic and tattoo parlour welcomes everyone looking to feel more confident in their own skin with the help of permanent makeup.  In the comfort of our clinic, you’ll find a variety of services that will bring your beauty to life!

At Wonderland, we only use top of the line products to give our clients the best possible results. We strive to provide the highest standards of hygiene and safety, because the comfort and health of our customers are our top priority. Walk away with the perfect look that will be suitable for you.

Beauty is the Harmony of Purpose & Form.

Cosmetic Treatments

Powder Ombré Brows

Powder Ombré brows are suitable for everyone with full or no hair. This style requires your brow to be light in the front, gradually darkening towards the tail of the eyebrows.

Micro Hair Stroke Brows

Semi-Permanent eyebrows not only give you one less thing to worry about in the morning, but ensure perfect brows all day, every day.

Lip Blush

By applying a subtle tint that will compliment your skin tone and recreate the size and shape of your lips, this service will ensure that your pout is everything you have ever dreamed of!

Smokey Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be a girl’s best friend, but the traditional kind can have its shortcomings. Running, smudging, and fading can ruin any look.

Eyelash Extensions

Most of us weren’t born with starlet-worthy lashes and no matter how many layers of mascara we apply, we just can’t get the effect we want. That’s where eyelash extensions come in!

Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a regenerating needle treatment that penetrates into the underlying layers of the skin promoting repair and rejuvenation.

Hair Density

Hair thinning is a common problem among women and men for a number of reasons, but luckily there are solutions to help offset the look of gradual hair loss.

Tattoo Services

Reimagine Yourself

Words from our founder – Audrey Lafleur

I have always been fascinated by makeup, tattoos and enchanted with beauty. I found that self–confidence is really important in today’s world. By being passionate about helping people, I know I can make a positive impact to help improve their lives. When I execute each procedure, I feel like it’s more than a treatment; it’s an art. At Wonderland Micropigment, you become the canvas of my cosmetic expertise allowing me to work my magic. I invite you to enjoy waking up each morning feeling reimagined and flawless. Once you decide what your treatment will look like, lay back and enjoy the relaxing ambience.


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