Misson Statement

Wonderland Academy is dedicated on providing the highest quality of education for your new permanent makeup career. We make sure our products are top of the line and up to date with current beauty trends! Wonderland Academy strives to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and safety, as the comfort and health of our customers are our top priority. Audrey has a recognized reputation within the beauty industry and provides the best training to our students.

Shadowing for a day

Come join Audrey for 1-on-1 of shadowing with our education at the studio. 

Who is eligible?

  • If you have questions or want to learn a little bit more from a certified PMU artist 
  • If you have received training and have a certificate from another educator but need more knowledge
  • You received your training over a year ago, have decided to get back into the industry but need a refresher

Cost: $900.00 

What you will experience

  • One full day of one-on-one shadowing with our Master Artist and Educator
  • Questions and Answers on what you have already been trained with. 
  • Receive a PMU refresher Certificate 


*Bring Pen and note pad in order to take notes 


Come learn Powder Brows and Lip Blushing with us.  

              We offer a 4-day program plus 1 exam day with clients so you can learn properly the cosmetic tattooing techniques from one of Calgary’s top permanent makeup artists. This program will prepare you for the industry so you can gain confidence and your money back quicker!! 


  • FEBURARY 14th-17th of 2023 (exam on March 5th)
  • APRIL 2023
  • JUNE 2023

Course Price $4150 + tax including machine and starter kit 

$100.00 Registration fee Required for Enrolment. 

$1000.00 Deposit to hold your spot due same day of Registration. 

Remainder of tuition due one day before class starts. 

You will need to take a Blood Borne Pathogens Online course before start of classes in order to receive a certificate from our Academy. 

BloodBorne Pathagen Course 


You will be able to join our online support group for on-going knowledge from our Academy and fellow students 

Day 1

  • Face Skin Anatomy- Facial Morphology
  • Health and Safety
  • Color Theory- Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Pigments, Machine and Needles
  • Consent Forms- Contra-Indications

Day 2

  • Pigments for Brows
  • Brow Mapping and Shaping
  • How to create symmetry for uneven eyes
  • Ombre Brows Procedure
  • Color Correction Cover up
  • Aftercare instructions

Day 3

  • Lip Anatomy
  • Pigments for Lips
  • Lip Shaping Techniques
  • Procedures step by step of service
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Social Media Marketing/How to edit pictures

Day 4

  • Live in class model (s) (Student must provide their own)
  • Ongoing support and Welcome into our studio 

Day 5

  • Written and Practical Exams
  • Graduation and Certificates!


Wonderland lash extensions

       Wonderland Fundamental Lash Course prepares our students for a fulfilling and successful career in the beauty industry!

      We offer a beginner 2-day program plus 1 exam day so you can learn proper lash technique from one of Calgary’s top lash artists. This program will prepare you for all styles of lash mapping so you can be confident and make your money back quicker!!  You will learn Classic Style and Pre-made fan applications. 

     As we pride ourselves on key education, each course has a restricted number of seats, to ensure for best learning.

    While we understand the investment of your education can be overwhelming, we are sure you will be more than happy to start your career off on the right path.

We look forward to having you!



  • JANUARY 24th-25th of 2023
  • MARCH 2023
  • MAY 2023

Course Price $1300 + tax including starter kit

$100.00 Registration fee Required for Enrolment. 

$1000.00 Deposit to hold your spot due same day of Registration. 

Remainder of tuition due one day before class starts.