Meet The Club Members! xo

Audrey Lafleur
Master Cosmetic Tattooist & Brow Wizard King

Audrey was born and raised in Quebec City, Canada. She graduated from college Merci in Orthotic Prosthetic in 2008 – then started her career at a young age.

Audrey moved out west to excel in her English and continue with what she was most passionate about: makeup artistry! After obtaining her certification at the Majestic BLANCHE MacDonald makeup & art school she soon established herself in Calgary, AB.

Her desire to help people with their confidence led her to switch things up and explore permanent makeup artistry.

Audrey continued to educate herself further in scalp micropigmentation!

In addition to the skills she gained during the years, Audrey now specializes in all cosmetic tattoo, Lift non-laser tattoo removal and fine line tattoo – now has her own beauty academy and offers fundamental classes to others so they can also succeed in the beauty world!

Please come visit further our pages and have a look by letting treat yourself with one of our services or products. 

Find her work and more of the Cosmetics from Wonderland on Instagram @cosmeticcliniccalgary!

Megan Kulyk

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist & Brow Wizard


Megan is certified in Microblading, Ombre Brows, Combo Brows, Nano Brows, and Brow Laminations and Tinting. She loves meeting new people and helping clients look and feel amazing!


Follow her on Instagram @mlkbrows or call the shop for more info!


 Tattoo Artist

Award winning Tattoo Master.

@vividtattoos on Instagram! Check him out, contact him directly to book.

Nastia Headshot

Nastia Ishchenko

Senior Lash Artist

Nastia is from Ukraine, but recently joined our clinic in Calgary.

Her lash style developed in Eastern Europe, so you wont find other lash extensions like hers in Canada.

Check out her work on Instagram



Tattoo Artist & Apprentice

Wonderland has some awesome new tattoo artists! We want to say a big welcome to the family- to Kerrie and her apprentice Tony! They focus primarily on bold, bright colour work, traditional and Kerrie does hand poked, UV style and white ink tattoos!

Kerrie was traditionally trained in an apprenticeship inside of a studio for 3 years before she spent 1yr in a private studio to study more of what she wanted to do, as well as teach her partner Tony to tattoo. They have a heavy lean toward old school traditional/neo traditional, hand poked, white and UV tattoos.

Kerrie enjoys smaller projects, reworking older pieces and doing indigenous styles of beadwork tattoos via traditionally hand poked method. She will be available for walk-ins!

Tony focuses more on bold, bright colour work and flash only designs! He will be available two days a week and available for walk-in flash pieces!
Visit illogicalvulcan_ and illogicalkraken to see their work and get an idea of the kind of projects they enjoy doing!